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EDITORIAL: By: Chi Padua
What is new for SASDCI in 2006? Finally, there was one generous soul who knew the rudiments of web designing and offered to jump-start SASDCI's web site. This wonderful man
is Virgil (John) Flaviano,Jr., son of Marie and Virgil Flaviano.
I admire John for his supportive and cooperative nature; he asked not what SASDCI can do for him but rather what he can do for SASDCI. He saw and visited the websites of NORCAL and LASA and felt he had to do something for SASDCI's own site. While on a short visit to San Diego he spent one precious weekend constructing a website.
In the meantime, he gave his sweet Mom a quick education on web publishing because by June SFC John Flaviano (US Army) will be off to Iraq in the service of his country. Our gratitude and prayers go to you John.

SFC Virgilio Banaga Flaviano Jr.
Leave for Iraq, June 24, 2006

The Deployment at it's BEST!
     I am an American Soldier. I am a member of the United States Army -- a protector of the greatest nation on earth. Because I am proud of the uniform I wear, I will always act in ways creditable to the military service and the nation it is sworn to guard.......
To those who wants to send their greetings to the troops, here's an address:
           SFC Virgilio B. Flaviano Jr.
           HHT TF 1-14 Cav (18 Eng)
           Unit # 42511
           APO AE 09361- 42511

SASDCI's Treasurer's Report:
As of April 22,2006 : Total Funds for:
                                                          Operation:  $10,295.18
                                                           Scholarship:  6,000.00
Prepared by: Erlinda Pascasio Rafanan

                San Antonians of San Diego County, Inc. 
                       6465 Bougainville Rd.
                       San Diego, California, 92139