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Public Market and Catholic Church
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San Miguel Beach
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Here are some pictures of our town taken 11/2005

Municipal Hall

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Capones Island
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Center Island Divider
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Senior Citizen Office
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Barangay Pundaquit Beach
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Youth Center
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Center Island Divider
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ABOUT OUR TOWN : By Chi Padua 
      Recently I visited San Antonio and managed to meet with the 55 SASDCI scholars. They are thankful for the monetary help extended to them. They were also thankful for the Silver Anniversary souvenir T-shirts.
On a different note, we noticed the state of the town plaza is getting depressing. While almost everytime I am in town those "mini-rides" are parked in the middle of the plaza, the main problem is that the permit given to these businesses encompass not only the amusement rides but also theie "peryahan" which is mainly a gambling operation. Young people flock to the "peryahan" and one does not see the positive contribution provides to the community.
 The perya being so close to two schools should draw concern from the parents and school administrators. So, maybe the "perya" only operates at night. But surely our local government leaders have the time to look into alternate businesses that bring not only income but also positive upshot to the kind of "amusement" provided to the people particularly to the young citizens of our community.
 This brings me to the core of concern brought to my attention by a local softball player. A few years ago, the local government solicited funding from SASDCI for a "baseball backstop" to be erected in the town plaza. The project was approved because we are aware of the benefits of sports like baseball. It was heartbreaking to learn that it has not been used since because baseball no longer has space in the "crowded plaza.
  On the left field, the Senoir Citizen Hall is likened to a private residence complete with concrete water tank and concrete fence. Sports enthusiasts are now worried if there will ever be games in the  designated ball field as the Senior Citizen " private gardens" might continue to encroach into their space. It is believed that there exists a local ordinance which provides that only recreational and sports-related facilities will be constructed within the boundaries of the town plaza. Ano'ng nangyari?
If you have any photos that you would like to share please feel free to contact us via email or through the link below.  Thanks.

Marie Flaviano

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