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San Antonio is a 4th class municipality in the province of Zambales, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 28,248 people in 6,483 households.

San Antonio was formerly just a hunting lodge where hunters from the northern towns of the province would stay to rest. The first Ilocano families from the Paoay area of Ilocos Norte arrived in 1830 and founded the first settlement that grew into what is now the town.

Today, San Antonio is a third class municipality striving to become more developed and economically established. 

San Antonio called at first PAMALISARAOAN and later PAMISARAOAN, the settlement was given the status of a Barrio in 1836. The Teniente of the barrio in that year was DON GREGORIO BANAGA  from 1836 - 1846 and Nov. 25, 1847 - 1849. He was followed by DON VICENTE LACUESTA, May 12, 1849, from Teniente Primero to Teniente Absoluto. Pamisaraoan organized as Pueblo May 12,1849, named SAN ANTONIO. The last Teniente Absoluto1855 was DON SANTIAGO LADRILLONO followed by DON DIMAS PASCASIO as Gobernadorcillo of 1856. They selected their leaders every year. In 1891- 1898, DON PABLO CORPUZ was the only Capitan Municipal selected then appointed DON FELIX MAGSAYSAY as first Presidente Municipal and many more follows up to 1931. From 1931 to 1942 , Commonwealth Government, they elected their Alkalde. Japanese Regime were all appointed. Then Mayor election started 1945 to our present Mayor DR. ROMEO LONZANIDA.


San Antonio is politically subdivided into 14 barangays.

  • Angeles
  • Antipolo (Pob.)
  • Burgos (Pob.)
  • East Dirita
  • Luna (Pob.)
  • Pundaquit
  • Rizal
  • San Esteban
  • San Gregorio (Pob.)
  • San Juan (Pob.)
  • San Miguel
  • San Nicolas (Pob.)
  • Santiago
  • West Dirita

Where our town is located

Municipality of San Antonio, Zambales

6465 Bougainville Rd.
San Diego, California, 92139


San Diego

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